Thursday 11 February 2016

How to make: Handmade personalised photo cards

I love this project. It's such an easy but effective way to make a handmade card for any occasion - it looks lovely, takes 5 minutes and all you need is some card, a photo and an envelope so it's ideal for and last minute occasions. As Valentines Day is coming up I thought I'd make one for hubby (and Ralphy of course). Real romance isn't always about big gestures or splashing out, and it's certainly not reserved just for youngsters ... for me romance is about the little things, and thoughtful gestures. So get your bits together and think of all the brownie points when you remember Valentines day and your other half doesn't! ;-)  

How to make - personalised photo cards for any occassion

You will need;

A piece of card 
Any card will do. I'd suggest buying a pad of artists watercolour paper as it's nice and thick and you can make quite a lot from one pad so it'll save you money in the long run.

Sticky paper photo corners OR a brown  / white envelope
You can buy sticky paper corners online here or in any good stationary shop.

A photograph!

Method One:

Step 1: Fold your card in half to make your 'card' and cut it to size - you want it 1cm taller and wider than your photograph.

Step 2: Now if your using the sticky corners simply peel them off and pop them on the corners of your photograph and place your photo in the centre of your card and press down ... and that my friends, is it!

Handmade card tutorial - ideal for weddings, birthdays, valentines and more.

Method two:

If you don't have sticky corners you can cheat! Simply cut the four corners from an envelope!
and use the following method ...

How-to-make easy personalised photo cards


JM x

Easy handmade cards - for any occasion

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  1. Very cute!! I love the photos you've chosen for your cards and those little corners add a nice vintage touch. Perfect!