Friday 5 February 2016

A month in pictures - January

Well January has been and gone in a whirlwind. I'm still getting my craft room in order (it's still a bit of a mess but it's almost ready to show you.) Despite the busy start to the year we've had some lovely walkies this month and I've enjoyed getting stuck into some lovely crafty projects; one to lighten and brighten our living space and the other project would make a wonderful Mummy's day gift! it's only a few weeks away so if you're blessed with a lovely mummy then have a lookie and get crafting! Here's our month in pictures ...

I don't know about you but Spring seems to be poking it's nose into our little town ... snowdrops, daffodils and tree blossom have been luring me into a false sense of security, because as soon as we hang up our thermal knickers and 'long johns' Jack frost always pounces! Then of course you head outside wrapped up like a dogs dinner only to end up having a hot flush because it's so warm. I'm not complaining mind, we've enjoyed some lovely walkies ... complete with our thermos of hot Blackcurrant of course.

One of my first crafty projects this month was Quick and easy sample pot makeovers .... now between the two of us I do slightly regret this choice of title - as one of my friends pointed out I could be referring to (ahem) urine sample pots! So, for the record, I am in fact referring to PAINT sample pots dearies, not urine sample pots :-) This little project will show you how to lighten and brighten your living space by giving some of your furniture a quick and easy 'sample pot' makeover - and all in less than an hour.

This week I saw this little beauty perched outside a shop in my town. Isn't it lovely? I've been pining for a bike (with a basket of course) for so long, but I'm just not very good on a bike ... I can't get up kerbs, I have to get off first (I can hear you laughing!) So I'd have to practice. As I'm only little I often find them too tall for me as well, I panic because my feet never touch the floor when I come to a standstill and I just fall sideways like I'm in a cartoon. I wonder if they make bikes for short people? or are they in fact called 'kids bikes'? :-) 

My next craft project this month was How to make a pretty personalised decoupage keepsake box using pretty floral papers and old photos! This project is super easy, making it an ideal craft project for kids too ... personalise it with photos, old love letters, maps, or simply your favourite things! This would be lovely for Mothers Day. 

That's it for this month. I hope you've all had a nice start to the year. 
Keep well and enjoy all that February brings your way.

JM x

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