Friday 3 October 2014

Pressed autumn leaves garland decoration

Pressed autumn leaves garland

Hellooo Autumn - Oh prettiest of seasons! 
You all know how much I love being cosy, and as much as I've enjoyed this unusually hot british summer, to be honest I'm itching to put away my summer dresses and get my woolies and warmies out! So to celebrate the change in the season I wanted to share the 'autumn leaves garland'  I've just made to decorate my fireplace. It took all of 5 minutes to make and really brings this beautiful season into the house.  It's also a great project to do with kiddies, though Ralphy wasn't too keen for some reason ...

All you need is: 

10 Autumn leaves 
Ribbon or string

How to make an autumn leaves garland decoration

Step 1

Collect 10 Autumn leaves in different colours, shapes and sizes. You'll only need 6/8 but collect more in case some tear. Take them home, and pop them inside a book (or flower press) and leave on the bookshelf for a few weeks, or until the leaves are completely dry. You could use fake leaves, but real ones are much nicer.

How to make an autumn leaves garland

Step 2

Hang your ribbon where you want it

Step 3

Hand your leaves (gently) at even intervals along the ribbon using your cute mini pegs.
Ta da!! Pretty ain't it :-) now make a hot chocolate and enjoy your work.

JM x

JM x

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  1. Love this!

    Love the rest of your house, too, everything's just so NICE.

  2. As always you've some lovely ideas worth doing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. i love this! i have maple leaves from our adventure through New England, pressing inside my journal. Love that you used a length of lovely lace:)

  4. I adore this! So lovely meeting you last night. Such a lovely blog x

  5. I made one of this that a girlfriend had already done using Rick Rack in a pretty fall color and tea dyed lace. SO nice to bring some Fall colors inside especially since we don't even get much on the outside here in Fall. Love your living room and sweet looks so cozy. Stay warm!!