Friday 8 August 2014

The many names and faces of Ralphy Muss Muss

This is the first photo of Ralphy I ever took ...
I'd just found him and was taking him home for the
 first time. This is also the photo I texted hubby -
telling him he had a new dog : ) 

Today is Ralphy's 5th birthday. I don't need to tell you he is one of my favourite fings. If you follow my blog regularly you'll already know how much I adore this furry dog child of mine. I realise some of my readers may not be doggie people, so forgive my indulgence ... today I just wanted to celebrate his birthday by sharing just a few of my favourite photographs of him. Now don't ask me where these all came from, but here some of the many names Ralphy gets called in our household ...

Ralphy muss muss
The dog king
Dingle dangle dogmouse
International dog boy
Bobby dog friend
Dogson Phillips

Taken on a gypsy caravan holiday in Shropshire. We were staying on a beautiful hillside with amazing views,
and ralphy could see all the rabbits. Ralphy is a keen rabbit chaser, but on the one occasion a rabbit stopped
within his reach - he simply ran the other way!! all mouth no (dog) trousers.

Afternoon walks is my hour in the day in which I can leave work behind.
 I sometimes take my phone to snap little moments such as this ...
"Quit taking photos and throw the stick woman!"

On a walk in our local town park ... Ralphy loves this river, we've spent ample time throwing sticks here.

Sir Ralphred! I LOVE this photo ... it just makes me laugh - there's something about the way Ralphy's lying ...
it's almost regal!!

"Wherever you go, I shall follow "

 He sat there for a very long time staring at that cake .... almost willing it towards him.

"Me and dogmummy on the train"

Happy 5th birthday little dog. 
Thank you for putting up with us, thank you your unconditional love and for the many adventures you have taken us on.
Love from your devoted dogmother & dogfather
x x

* sigh * "Should have gone to specsavers."

Thanks to my friends Dan Massie and John Pickup for capturing a few of these
lovely shots x

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  1. Jodie I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post! I have a similar pic of me with Luu the day I brought her home she was 6 weeks old and so teeny tiny. We have lot's of strange names for her too! Ha ha!I feel I will have to dedicate a birthday blog to Lulu next March too. she has changed our lives beyond recognititon. I love her SO much. The love & loyalty she shows us is just heartwarming. She is a mummy's girl though. I can't imagine life without her now. xx

    1. Awww Jenny, yes please do post on Lulu for her birthday! I'd LOVE to see some more piccies of her and hear her names, HAHA! Ralphy's a mummys boy UNTIL Andy arrives on the scene then I don't get a look in! unless he's poorly, then he always comes to me for cuddles :-) xxx

  2. My daughter Sadie and I read your post and laughed so much, Sadie loved the cake pic and the specsavers one! Sadie said I must tell you our names for Lulu so here goes:

    Lulu,Luly, Luly loo, Lulu boo, Lulubelles, Baby Lu Lu's, Naughygirls!, Sillybaby, Grumpbag, Lickylu, stinkylu ,Rascal,Nipper, Biteygirl, Yappylu and Baby.

    We are not soppy at all are we? :) xx

    1. Haha! no not soppy at all :-) thanks for sharing Sadie, my favourite is stinkylu and grumpbag ... In fact I might borrow that one for Ralphy! I can't wait to see some more photos of Lulu on her birthday. I wanted to invite some dogs round for a party but hubby pointed that would be Ralphy's worse nightmare :-)

  3. Love these!
    I'm a Dog Gramma and love them so much!

  4. Little love! Favourite is definitely the last - Pants and Dora send a high five. Dogs rule.