Thursday 24 July 2014

My rustic garden furniture - affordable, natural and easily sourced.

Rustic tree table - natural and easily sourced.

Tables and chairs ...

I needed to source some garden furniture earlier this year, and since I'm a bit of hippy earth-mother (as you know) I wanted to find some lovely rustic furniture that was, ideally, handmade. First I wanted some comfy seating ... and lucky for me I found a lovely three-piece bamboo suite from an ECCO charity shop for £50! The cushions were all handmade. Although meant for inside, I've painted and weather-proofed it for outside.

Rustic garden with duck egg painted shed

Then I met Les - a log supplier in Waltham Abbey. I chanced upon his log yard and I'm so glad I did! Les sells logs (funnily enough) but he also sells gorgeous little tables that consist of a long tree stump with a large slice of wood on top. Simple but oh so effective! He sells them in all shapes and sizes, and he also sells lovely carved mushrooms, signs and much more ... all of which is made by hand. Les isn't the only one, plenty of log yards make furniture like this. You can easily put one together yourself too. Just make sure the top is secured to the trunk, and ensure it's sturdy - especially around pets and children.

Rustic tree stump table

I left there with one large table (above) that's now happily sitting in my garden. It looks like it's grown out the ground which I love. It has been at the centre of many a lunch and has been complemented by all who've laid a cup on it's rustic loveliness. I also bought a smaller one that's sitting in my lounge. Such a table would set you back £100 in some garden centres, but not in Les's yard! No siree ... in Les's yard it was a mere £30. I couldn't believe my luck. Once I got it home I gave it a rub down with oil, "any oil will preserve it, vegetable / olive etc" Les said. I mentioned the word 'varnish' and he turned his nose up at that ... I agree, let's keep it natural people.

Waltham abbey logs

A Fire pit ... 

I love my fire pit - it's magical. They're a money saver, a space saver and they enable you to enjoy your garden all year round. How?? because you can BBQ on them, and then you simply take off the grill, throw on some logs and warm your cockles around the fire! I've spent many an evening huddled around our fire pit with friends toasting marshmallows, even in the depths of winter. It's ideal for Bonfire night and even Christmas ... just add a blanket. I love this fire bowl, and this copper fire pit is beautiful - and is currently on sale! Note: you can buy them as cheap as £30 BUT a good quality fire pit will last year after year so make sure you don't get a 'micky mouse jobby' - as my dad would say : )

Copper fire pit - ideal for small garden

Wooden stumps ...

Wooden tree stumps are my favourite accessory in the garden - they're just so useful. I have six placed around the fire pit that I use for seating, and by putting a few together (ideally at different levels) you can make a lovely garden feature by adding potted plants on and around them. I also have some placed next to my comfy garden chairs to act as a side table for drinks etc.

Log seating

You can find them for just a few quid at a log yard such as Les's. But most places that sell firewood will happily sell you some stumps. Just take a strong person with you to cart them in and out! Hubby and I also used wooden logs in our wedding - we used them on the cake table, and the caterers served the rustic dishes from them too. Arrange them at different levels to get a natural effect.

Mushrooms ornaments in the garden

Railway sleepers ...

Railway sleepers make fantastic rustic borders in the garden ... they're strong and they last forever. Do shop around, visit log yards and reclamation centres as they can be expensive on line. I suggest getting them delivered too!

Rustic railway sleepers as garden borders

To contact Les the log man ...

Should you want to visit the lovely Les at Waltham Abbey Logs you won't find them online, they're old school and like it that way. Give them a call on the number below, or just swing by their log yard ... you'll be glad you did. Les is a lovely character, and quite a giggle!

Abbey Log Supplier
14 fountain place
Waltham Abbey
Tel: 01992 712 565 

Dog in the sun
"Aw can you fetch me a bone please mummy? ... and an ice lolly??"

JM x

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