Friday 25 July 2014

My floral fair isle cardigan + shopping for knitwear in Summer (yes that's what I said)

Oh my dear readers, look what Mr Postie brought me this week! I can say with the utmost certainty, this humble cardigan is, without a doubt, one of my favourite fings. You can tell I love it by how happy I look ... especially since it was one of the hottest days of the year at the time of this picture (it's roasting!) As well as being a 'favourite fing' it's also a 'thrifty find' because it wasn't just luck that brought me to this cardi, it was sneakiness! and here's how you can be sneaky too ....

I found this little corker whilst browsing for 'Fair isle cardigans' on eBay (FYI - Fair isle is a knitting technique ... I do intend to learn how to knit fair isle but that could take some time / years). So why am I looking for jumpers when it's scorching outside? because no one else is. Come winter all the lovely jumpers in the world are snatched up quick by cold people (or me) ... so if you can bear to think ahead to winter - now's the time to shop for winter wear, they'll be more of it, and it will often be a lot cheaper. For the same reason I buy christmas presents when I see them, all year round. Thrifty eh? ... well that, and I just love Christmas ...

So I bought the cardi from a very lovely lady on eBay. I know she's lovely because of the lovely way she packaged it ... she stuck a little heart on it! which just made me love the jumper even more (it's the small things ...) and it shows she cares, which is why I'll go back to her ...

The lovely lady runs a company called SARTORIAL MATTERS, which sell vintage and secondhand clothing from eBay and Etsy. She's based in Edinburgh and has a wonderful selection of knits, vintage dresses and much more. The lady called the floral jumper in question a 'FLORAL FAIR ISLE SCANDIC COUNTRY LAND GIRL CARDIGAN' which are good words to use should you want to search for something similar. 

This one is by a brand called Falmers, Est in 1955. Turns out Falmers now sell their wares through the rather large department store - Matalan. Well I never! I'm no snob when it comes to labels, if it's floral and pretty it's mine (and yours if you wanna borrow it, though I won't lend it to Miggins, she makes everything smell of digestive biscuits). It's just a shame it's too hot to wear it!

JM x

Sartorial Matters Shop

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1 comment:

  1. This made me smile so much as I sit here with the airconditioning (read: fan on high speed) cranked up. But you're so right - and so canny. And the cardigan is soooo pretty. I look forward to reading your next blog....