Tuesday 15 July 2014

Laura Ashley's blogger of the month!

Well I am pleased as punch, because this month Laura Ashley are featuring me as their blogger crush - blogger of the month! Their feature includes piccies from my blog, plus a Q and A with yours truly, in which they asked questions like; how did it all come about? what inspires me? what do I love about blogging? and what blogs do I follow?  I've always had a soft spot for Laura Ashley; their floral dresses, their soft furnishings and not to mention their blankets (hubby knows he can't go wrong with one of Laura's blankets.) So for them to like my little blog enough to share it with their followers makes me feel very humbled indeed. Below is a glimpse of the feature but should you like to read it for yourself just click this link ... 

* Laura Ashley's blogger of the month - A Handmade Cottage *

JM x

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  1. Hello Jodie!

    Humungous congratulations for being chosen by Laura Ashley; your interview read brilliantly. And massive thank you for mentioning me, that was very kind of you.

    Hope you get your new blanket!

    Best wishes, C x

    1. Hi Carlie, Ah bless you, thank you! and re the mention you're so welcome, you blog is such a pleasure to read, I'm glad I could share it.
      J xx

  2. Hooray, hooray, hooraaaah! You're my blogger crush :-) xx