Thursday 12 December 2013

Rustic DIY christmas decorations

I am never happier than when I'm decorating the house for Christmas. It's such a lovely time. I make a huge mess, eat loads of mince pies and gradually transform the house into a magical rustic wonderland. I've experimented with various ways of decorating over the years and have found the following creations really bring the house to life, yet they are really easy to make. They would also be perfect for a winter wedding. When it comes to style there is no right way. We just need to create a lovely warm space that reflects us, and the way in which we want to celebrate. I love rustic traditional decoration but hopefully these tips will inspire you whatever your sense of style. 

Natural christmas decorations

Decorating with nature

When it comes to Christmas decorating (or even interior design) I find it's easier to transform one little area at a time. We can use all sorts to make a feature - decanted Sherry or Port and pretty glasses on a tray are a lovely feature, as are nuts in a rustic bowl. Perhaps pick some Ivy / evergreens / berries from the garden and scatter them. Ivy looks lovely wrapped around picture frames. It lasts a long time and dries green, not brown. I've literally covered my house in it.

Christmas pinecone garland

Fireplace decoration

I like sparkle as much as the next girl but the traditional log cabin vibe just says Christmas to me. I bought some really cheap long plain garlands (they're not real) and I simply laid along the mantle, added pine cones and berries. You can add real greenery or sparkle / baubles to it as well. Pine in the house smells wonderful ...

Easy to make christmas garland

Easy-to-make stairway garland

I wrapped a plain evergreen garland around the staircase, then added some pine cones (attached them with wire) and ribbon. Tip: whenever draping ribbon, twist / coil it as you drape. Hangs much nicer. You could easily wrap real ivy around this too.

Pinecone and cinnamon garland

Pinecone and cinnamon garland

Using a string of fake ivy (from a car boot sale) I tied pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges and berries along at regular intervals, using wire. You could also just use brown string to hang them on. I use this garland year after year and sometimes wrap real ivy around it as well.

Choosing a christmas trees for small spaces

Christmas tree tips

Oh and then there's the tree! Tree's are so expensive, so to save some pennies rather than buy a tall one we buy a short one (was still £25) and put it on a small table to give it height. Still fills the same space that way, and leaves lots of room for pressies! We always buy a real potted tree and it usually see's us through a few Christmas's before I manage to kill it off. Hopefully this one will live on with the help of some rooting powder.      

Easy rustic christmas tree skirt

Easy rustic christmas tree skirt

A piece of old hessian / fabric with some ribbon wrapped around to finish it off nicely! I stuck some fake roses in there too.

Ribbon and lace tree decoration

I only use tinsel inside the tree to make it shimmer. I then use ribbon and lace to decorate everywhere else. I add pines cones and hang natural, handmade or old fashioned decorations. Here's how to make dried orange slice with cinnamon sticks. They look so lovely and rustic on the tree. Tip: Hang them in from of the fairy lights as it makes them glow beautifully.

Easy-to-make cinnamon stick tree decoration

Easy-to-make handmade tree decorations

Handmade decorations are lovely, simply because you made them. I try to make one every year, so I'm gradually building a collection (though it has to be quick and easy as I'm always short of time.) This year I made a fabric tree with a cinnamon tree trunk! Simply sew two pieces of triangular fabric together (wrong way up) leave holes at both ends. Turn inside out (right way) and insert your cinnamon sticks, stuff with wadding and sew up. Insert ribbon the other end and sew up! Easy.

Have a magical Christmas my little lovelies
JM x

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  1. Lovely! Thank you for the tips as we have a small home an no room for a big tree. Never bought real, but my hubby insists on it this year.

    1. I'm so glad it was helpful. There's nothing quite like a real potted tree :-)