Friday 20 December 2013

My favourite fings - Switching off

 photo ff.png

Nowadays almost all of our daily activity involves technology of some sort. Now I don't want to sound like ole Miggins over the road, "we didn't have all these fancy moblies in my day",  but I have to admit that occasionally I find it HUGELY satisfying to switch it all off.
Some of you might love the thought of turning off all phones and putting laptops out of sight, whereas others will have started to sweat at the prospect of not having 24 access to facebook.

Switched off, on a cottage holiday.

Well yes at first it is quite strange. You'll keep going to check your phone or when faced with a question to which you don't know the answer you'll panic when you realise you can't ask google. But after a day or two it's just SO lovely. I feel refreshed, free, and more relaxed than I ever thought was possible. We are utterly consumed by technology. So I find from time to time that it's a good idea to give your brain a break and your loved ones 100% of your attention.

So even if it's just for a day, perhaps give it a try ...
you might love it so much you won't want to switch back on!


"I'm not answering that phone ... I'm on 'oliday!"

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  1. Couldn't agree more Jodie. I do struggle to refrain, but feel glad when I do. Ralphy is so gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas! x

    1. Yes it takes some getting used too. Thanks Jenny, have a wonderful time yourself!! I can't wait, I love listening for 'the bells' : )