Friday 6 December 2013

Orange and cinnamon stick decorations

We're putting our deccies up on sunday!! Eeeeee I am so excited. It's killing me just walking past the boxes. I have been wearing my santa hat around the house though, and just because I don't have a tree (yet) doesn't mean I can't prepare my deccies for it! I make these every year. They're SO easy, quick and very rustic. 

You will need:

Two contrasting ribbons or brown string
Cinnamon sticks
Cinnamon powder (optional)

Orange and cinnamon stick decorations

1. Slice your oranges 1cm thick and lay out flat (the oranges not you.)
You can pat them with kitchen roll to remove some moisture but I think they look better without.
 Sprinkle them with cinnamon powder (optional, just gives them a rustic vibe)

2. Leave in the oven on LOWEST heat for a couple hours and keep checking.
If the oven's too hot they WILL burn to a frazzle.
(now have a cuppa and enjoy the amazing scent of orange around your house!)
You know they're done when they start to brown ever so slightly.

3. Once dry, thread with two contrasting ribbons (one is fine too ... I also like brown string)

4. Wrap around the cinnamon sticks once then tie. These will keep year after year.

They look lovely when hung in front of a fairy lights on a tree, they glow up beautifully : )


Your Xmas Crafty fairy

'I can't eat those' ....

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  1. Just made these with B. She was in charge of cinnamon sprinkling. The house currently smells divine. X

    1. Ooh that's wonderful! the orange scent is lovely isn't it?! good enough to eat : ) X

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