Thursday 18 April 2019

A new life in the country ....

Hello friends! 

Do you remember me? It has been so long since my last post you'd be forgiven if haven't the foggiest idea of who I am. I've missed chatting to you all, sharing news and creations. I know it has been so long since my last post ... are you still there? Ever since Frankie May's arrival I haven't been able to find time to blog. There always seems to be ten more pressing things that I need to get done first, and time just passes. There is also another good reason for my radio silence. Our little family has finally upped sticks and bought a house in the country! My Ma Larkin dreams have finally come true!  Pheasants, deer and various wildlife often wander into the garden. I look out in the morning and can't believe I'm here ... I'm waiting to wake up. I think of all of us are still pinching ourselves that this is now home, Ralphy included. 

It has taken some getting used though. Our old house was in a bustling market town, it was small and cosy, and while it had character, like many Victorian houses it was quite dark, and no matter how nice you dress it up, it could feel quite oppressive at times. Our new house has much more space and light, and it makes a huge difference to my day to day. It's an old house, with countryside all around. It was built in 1855 and the rear garden looks out onto arable farmland. It has everything you'd expect from an old house; wooden beams, stable doors, a farmhouse kitchen and crooked ceilings and floors. The thing I'm still enjoying most though is the light ... at early evening, golden sunlight floods the kitchen and it is my favourite place to be. 

I've also been getting lost in the garden. The last owner worked hard on the garden and it is an incredible gift indeed ... there is a green house, a prairie garden, a pond, TREES and a veggie patch! so I've had a LOT to be getting on with. At times it is overwhelming, so I have to remind myself to try and enjoy the present and do what I can ... we have years to make this house our own, it needn't happen overnight. Easier said than done when you enjoy nesting as much as I do!

Ralphy is in heaven here - he chases the pheasants & chickens any chance he gets ... he never hurts them though, he's a city dog, he wouldn't know what to do with them! 

And our little Frankie May sunbeam turned 1 year old last week :-) She is such a happy little bundle of life - walking, talking, clapping, and saying 'Hiya!' She loves the garden, it needs a little more baby proofing but now it's warming up it's been lovely letting her have the run of it.

She and Ralphy are bonding more now ... funny enough, he's been more attentive ever since she hit the solids, and she takes great pleasure in giving him most of her snacks. Though he has to be quick on his heels when she's in her walker as she chases him around the kitchen! 

So that is why I've been away for so long. To be honest I've enjoyed the break from social media. I find when I spend too much time online I find myself living life through a lens rather than experiencing and enjoying things first hand, and when that happens I know I need to take a break. But I have missed engaging with you all. I don't know how often I'm going to be able to blog but I will certainly try, even if it's just sharing photos. 

There are lots of crafts I'd like to do here, and things I plan to make for this house, including furniture. Next week I'm planning on knocking up a Vinyl cabinet made out of crates so I'll post a piccie if it turns out ok. So do bear with me ... I am still here. I'm still on instagram and facebook too so come and say hello if you're on there. 

Have a lovely easter and springtime all. Feel free to comment or drop me a line, it's always a pleasure hearing from you. 

Sending love, 
JM x

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