Wednesday 1 June 2016

A month in pictures - May

Hello all, I hope this finds you all well in your worlds. We've had a lovely month of May in AHC headquarters. Hubby and I escaped to the country for a few days to celebrate our anniversary which was just what I needed ... we stayed in a gorgeous little cottage in a little 'chocolate-box' village in Suffolk, which I'll be sharing with you soon. We've also had some lovely walks and I've enjoyed some crafty challenges this month too! Here's my month in pictures ...

We've had some lovely bluebell walks this month, and I've been collecting and pressing flowers flowers for some future craft projects too! Delicate spring flowers are idea for crafting, as the daintier the flower, the better it will press. If you fancy making some lovely floral crafty things this year click on flower craft in the right hand menu for some inspiration. Whether it's a pressed flower lampshade or pressed wildflowers in glass, it's a lovely way to bring the outside, in. I plan on making some lovely little pressed flower lampshades using these forget-me-nots.

This month I showed you How to make a flower crown - for weddings, festival, dress up and flower girls. This is a lovely little project and doesn't take long at all. This came about because I was invited to take part in a blogger challenge by the Luxury Silk Bedding company Gingerlily. I love a crafty challenge so I was more than happy to join in the fun. We were sent a box of silk flowers and some other bits and bobs, and with the Chelsea Flower Show as our inspiration we were told we could create anything we wanted using the silk flowers as our main element of inspiration, so I made a flower crown! I didn't win of course (I never do!) but it's the taking part that counts right? (yea right!) ;-)

Ralphy is enjoying Spring. He loves being warm so he welcomes the spring / summer sun with open paws ... and rather like Garfield the cat, he also loves seeking out a sunbeam to recline under. Can you spot the dog in the piccy below?

Finally I got around to showing you my new craft room this month, along with storage and decor ideas. It's been such a pleasure having somewhere to craft, where everything has it's place .... that is until hubby comes along and leaves his man-things lying around! Still it's a small price to pay, I can live with that I suppose :-)

Have a lovely June all, Ralphy sends hugs.
JM x

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  1. Karen P - WisconsinWednesday, 01 June, 2016

    It was a lovely month in AHC headquarters! Spring offers such beautiful flowers! Pressing is a nice way to preserve them! Love your craft room! Very inviting for a productive day of creativity! Have a nice day, Jodie and Ralphie! 💕