Wednesday 23 December 2015

Ralphy's Christmas Speech 2015

Deer everywun.

itz Ralfeee ere. I jus wantid to say ello to u all and say fanks for bein my frend this yeer. I like it wen u like my picturez cos it makes my couzin Buster jealos cos Iv got more frends than he has. I'v had a nice yeer an I hop u hav too ... iv had nice walks, cuddles and bonez and fings so im a very lucky doggie. this yeer instead of gettin me prezents I asked mummy an daddy to giv monie to a doggie charity insted cos i've got lotz of toyz so they did and that makes me feal nice. Tho I hope I mite get a doggie sister one day, mum sayz maybe an dad says 'mmmmm' .... anywhey hav a nic time wiv your famliez and dogs (butt not catz) this cristmis and fanks for bein my frends. 

luv frum ralfeee


ps. mummy sayz i must improove my spellings nect yeer. 

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  1. Too cute!! Love your Christmas message, Ralphy. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet mummy and daddy and I know you've been a good boy this year so I will keep my fingers crossed for a baby sister for you! ;) x

  2. Fabulous speech Ralphy. Lulu sends you a virtual kiss, she fancies you something rotten! xxx :)

  3. I'm a bit late, but that's the cutest speech ever!
    You're adorable Ralphy.