Tuesday 22 December 2015

Felt Christmas decorations with the Cottage Crafters.

Felt decorations - pattern from http://cutesycrafts.com/

Last week I had a lovely day making felt craft decorations with the lovely ladies in my craft group - The Cottage Crafters! It was our annual Christmas get together - and each year bring a dish of nibbles, a handmade gift for the secret santa sack and we embark on a christmas project. I thought you might like to see some of our super cute Christmas felt decorations ....

Natural felt heart decoration

The two deccies above are my creations. I made the heart last year and it was the first time I had ever worked with felt.  I have to say I loved making these. Simply because they're easy, quick to make and take very little concentration. All you need is some felt, a template or design to copy (or make up your own) and basic sewing skills. I made the heart neutral so it can hang in my bedroom all year round. I also like making them as gifts as they're perfect for sending in the post.

Reindeer felt decoration

For most of these decorations we printed templates from the internet, cut them out and went from there. For my 'snowman and reindeer' I just drew around the cup and copied the design from Cutesy crafts ... simply google 'felt decorations' or search on Pinterest and you'll find plenty of inspiration. 

Though my favourite part of making decorations is passing time with my little group of crafty friends ... there's simply nothing better than the company of great women and great cake :-) I'll share some more creations from my craft club next year. In the meantime have a very merry Christmas my lovelies.
JM x

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