Thursday 15 October 2015

Dried autumn flowers heart wreath

With each season I like to have a little change around in my cottage ... the light pastel cushion are replaced by warm, earthy tones and the light summer blankets are swapped with their chunkier knitted cousins. As for the walls I thought some autumn decor would be nice this year, so I whipped up this Autumn flowers heart in just ONE hour. This is a super quick and easy project that has brought all the wonderful warm rustic tones of Autumn into my little cottage, and as they are dried flowers it can be re-used year after year!

What you need ...

A rustic wicker / twig heart wreath
A bunch of dried flowers - I picked this up this small bunch from a garden centre
Glue gun  - If you like crafting, and you don't have a glue gun I highly suggest you invest in one. They can cost as little as £6 but they are OH SO useful!

Step 1

To make life easier for yourself, strip the flowers of excess leaves and cut them to a couple of inches long beforehand. 

Step 2

I then separate my flowers into piles, in the order I want to use them. Then starting from the bottom, I simply start to ease them into the heart one at a time, and glue them in place. It's THAT simple. Glue from a glue gun dries in minutes too, and isn't as messy as using PVA and the like.


1...  Do bear in mind the shape of your wreath as you place the flowers in - add flowers all the way around if you prefer, but personally I like to leave some of the heart showing, and placing them around the bottom end seems to balance out the shape of the heart nicely.

2 ... Some flower heads are bigger than others so space them out at regular intervals - filling in the gaps with little filler flowers in between.

3 ... Once finished (and when the glue is dry) don't be afraid of trimming any untidy bits that are sticking out here and there. Then Tada! Now it's time to hang our pretty autumn wreaths, and enjoy the warmth and colour they bring to our cosy little hobbit homes :-)

JM x

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  1. Hi Jodie. I found your blog via mary jane's tearoom, a knitting blog I've purchased patterns from for a few years. I've just learned that there's a whole interconnected blogosphere out there and had no idea there were so many lovely arty-crafty websites :) Your blog is lovely - you've made your website as homely and as welcoming as your little cottage looks to be. Looking forward to reading your archived posts. Currently re-decorating my house and hoping to find some tips there, as I also love 'old things'. Just wanted to say too that the post on the homeless man who found a new life via knitting was interesting! and something I don't think I would have found anywhere else :)

    1. Ah thanks Susan, I'm so pleased you discovered and liked my blog :-) is always lovely to hear. There certainly is some delightfully crafty and inspiring blogs out there! Enjoy your re-decorating, I'm feeling a little restless myself - the change in the season always makes me want to have a clear out and a change around! Jodie

    2. Thanks for taking the time to reply Jodie :) That's so weird, I always start 'spring cleaning' around Autumn time too; never in the Spring, when you're supposed to! I've just become an (almost) empty nester (3 twenty-something sons) and one of the benefits is I now have the time to fully commit to my hobbies. Found your youtube videos too - good enough to be on 'proper' TV:)

    3. Haha! ah thanks Susan, I just wish I had time to do more. I'm currently going through the process of getting the winter things down from the loft and packing summer away. I do love cosy winter clothes - except they always take up much more room! (and mean 5 piles of washing to do) Have a good weekend :-)

  2. Hi Jodie-cutie! Your wreath is soooo cute! I love Autumn decor, too. A little change to usher in the new season/holiday is so refreshing. And while I LOVE my glue gun and couldn't get along without it, my glue gun doesn't like me apparently and feels like it must make its presence known by burning my fingers every time! I'm a clumsy glue-gunner! Happy Autumn! x

    1. Ah I'm glad you like the wreath Karen! Oh I know what you mean, I've burnt myself on a few occasions ... the price we pay for clever crafting! ;-) have a lovely weekend x