Thursday 3 September 2015

A month in pictures - August

August has always been one of my favourite months as it means birfdays!!!! Ralphred Muss Muss turned 6 this year, and I turned the grand old age of 17 *ahem* ... OK add a fair bit more to that. This month I've been busy crafting and and I've also shared one of my latest, most favourite cottage getaways. This was our month in pictures ....

We had some lovely walks and enjoyed the changing scenery ... I've started to pick blackberries and there's been a slight change in the air. We've had quite a few chilly days, and the occasional scorcher. The past few days saw a downpour that flooded most of our town! though thankfully we live on a hill :-)

Ah Ralphy's birthday :-) He even received a card from his little cousin Buster. Hubby was away at the time but he skyped Ralphy and wished him 'happy birthday' ... we went for a nice walkies and then Ralphy chose a new collar and a toy at the local petshop - he's such a spoilt little doggie, he deserves it though, as do all doggies.  How adorable is baby-Ralphy bottom right? :-)

It was my birthday too this month, so I had some nice days out with friends and trotted off to London for a night on the tiles - this resulted in me drinking too many cocktails, which resulted in almost missing the last train home, which resulted in the worse possible scenario - I had to run. I haven't broken into a run since the eighties so I really felt it the next morning ....

The month I shared one of my latest cottage getaways - Titchbourne Cottage in Shropshire. It's possible one of my faves to dates. Titchbourne cottage is nestled amongst the Shropshire hills, perfectly secluded in an area of outstanding natural beauty. We had such a wonderful week at this place - It has a mature garden, bursting with flowers and wildlife, and the cottage itself is cosy, romantic,  rustic, and full to the brim with charm and character.

I've also been super busy with my music this month. I'll tell you a little bit about that at some point, since it's such a passion of mine. On the crafty front, I've been making curtains today! a project which I shall be sharing with you very soon :-)

Happy September to you all x

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  1. Happy belated Birthday, sweet girl! So glad you made your train! ;) And Happy Birthday to dear little Ralphy! His baby picture is beyond adorable!!! I always love coming her for inspiration and to see what wonderful things you are doing. Happy September! Autumn! Yay! xo

    1. Aw thank you Karen, so nice to hear :-) yes bring on autumn colours and cosy socks! xx