Wednesday 1 July 2015

Ceramics Course at The Little Arts Workshop

This month I took part in a pottery workshop at The Little Arts Workshop in Bishops Stortford ... and I absolutely loved it. I have never dabbled in clay before, but I have been itching to for some time. So when I discovered a pottery course running at The Little Arts Workshop, I jumped at the chance. It's a wonderful creative hub, which hosts a varied selection of crafty workshops seven days a week, during daytime and evenings, for both adults and children. For toddlers and primary school children there are workshops in clay and arts and crafts, and for adults there are life drawing courses, ceramics courses, watercolour painting courses, and photography courses to name a few...

The Little Arts Workshop in Bishops Stortford

  Also, at the weekend they run a free creative event twice a month on a Sunday; a previous example of this was an Origami workshop and there's a Mosaics workshop coming up on the 19th July. The little arts workshops is owned, and run by the lovely Emma; Emma is an artist, but she is also trained in all manner of disciplines such as ceramics, mosaics, leading stained glass windows, painting, drawing and photography ... in fact she also uses the workshop as photography studio for snapping family, pet and kiddie portraits. Aside from being a crafty wizard she is also kept busy by her gorgeous little 13 month old boy, Logan.

So I enrolled on the 4 week ceramic course, during which I learned how to make pretty ceramic pinch pots. Pinch pots are an ideal introduction into the world of ceramics, as they're relatively easy and so much fun! The studio itself has been beautifully refurbished, and is a bright and peaceful place to work. There's a small play area for kiddies, and an area for tea, coffee and cold drinks. On arrival Emma made us a brew before we got cracking ... 

How to make pinch pots

Emma is a very patient teacher (she'd need to be with the likes of me!) and she says she still loves to learn - which might explain why she's been back to university twice since graduating as she loves trying new techniques and ideas. Her enthusiasm is inspiring, and after our first session I knew this was going to be the beginning of a new lifelong hobby of mine. The pots we were making used simple but effective techniques. Emma took us through each stage gradually and showed us other examples along the way.

It was lovely working in a small group; we chatted away, listened to music, encouraged each other and compared our work. My favourite stage had to be the decorating stage, Emma had lots of paints and tools, so I decided to be brave and have a go at painting little flowers free-handed. This was my first ever attempt so please judge kindly you crafty critics! :-)

Painting pinch pots

TADA! My finished pinch pots. The great thing about The Little Arts Workshop, is that once the course is finished, you can still return and use the studio to continue with your new found hobby ... for a very small fee Emma will provide you with materials needed, advice and a peaceful place to work. Just make sure you call in advance. I can't wait to get started on my next piece - I appear to be potty about pottery! :-)

JM x

My first pinch pot!

How much does it cost?

The Ceramics Pinch Pots course consists of four two-hour lessons, set out over for weeks, and costs £54, which includes all materials.

Where is it? 

Unit 3, Millside Industrial Estate
Southmill road
Bishops Stortford
CM23 3DP

Email Emma:
Tel: 07599 409 668

JM x

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