Friday 3 July 2015

A month in pictures - June

Wow ... I can't quite believe it is the end of June. Hubby told me off the other day for pointing out that autumn was just a couple of months away! naughty me, but how it flies right?!  I don't know how the weathers been treating you over the pond, but here in the UK we're experiencing the hottest June on record - EVER! We Brits love the sun, but our country doesn't cope well with heat - my friend was glued to the middle of the road the other day when her flip flops fused with the tarmac! roads melt,  public transport comes to a standstill and the sale of paddling pools goes through the roof ... in fact I bought one for Ralphy when he was a puppy but he turned his nose up at it! I hope you're all enjoying this glorious season. Here's a glimpse at our month in pictures ....

We've had some beautiful walks this month. I love it when the wild grasses come into flower, they're so unbelievably pretty: like fine delicate lace strewn over the hedgerows. Though hubby's not as keen, as he, like so many other poor souls, suffers badly from hay fever :-( We've been heading out early morning and evening so it's not too hot for Ralphy boy. Though there's been plenty of cooling off in streams and babbling brooks ....

One weekend we, and our band of merry friends headed to St Ives farm in Sussex for a spot of weekend glamping! It was a lovely rural campsite. We went for long walks (got lost - twice), cooked some yummy food on the BBQ and star-gazed -  I even saw a shooting star! (and then made a wish of course.) If you fancy a spot of camping I highly recommend this site, however it does get busy at weekends, so if you're looking for a peaceful spacious spot I suggest you visit off peak or on weekdays instead! How gorgeous is this bell tent? It's not ours sadly, it belongs to our friends, though I may have to put one on my Christmas list ....

This month a friend gave me this 1902 New edition of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management. It's a wonderful glimpse into domestic life in Victorian Britain. So I had to share it with you, since it's now one of my favourite fings ;-) though I can't promise I'll successfully cook anything from it!

Oh glorious flowers are everywhere! I recently snapped these Peonies in my mummy-in-laws garden, and the foxgloves are from my friend gorgeous cottage garden. My garden is currently blooming with broad beans, apples, tomatoes, garlic and courgettes! Though my lovely flowery hanging baskets have died a sudden death due to *ahem* lack of water .... I was only away one weekend!

Other news is, I have been knitting a peasant shawl this month! It's coming on slowly ... we also had our first BBQ of the year on the fire pit and Oh, a parrot landed on my windowsill, jumped onto my hand and went to sleep on my shoulder ... we had a lovely cuddle, I was quite smitten and felt like Snow white! within the hour it was "Breaking news" on the local Observer website (you can read the full story here). An hour later we managed to track down his owners, and "Mr Pickles" was returned to the safety of his home. Luckily for him, he landed on my windowsill and not Cordelia's, the cat next door! 

This month I took a Ceramics Course at The Little Arts Workshop in Bishops Stortford ... and I absolutely loved it. We made pretty little pinch pots which are ideal for beginners. I am now perfectly potty about pottery!

Lastly, here's King Ralfred getting up to all sorts of mischief. He LOVES basking in the sun as you can see ... he looks like royalty doesn't he? :-) hee hee. 
Happy weekend friends.
JM & R x

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