Friday 28 November 2014

My month in pictures + A chilly November

Well it's almost the end of November. There's a chill in the air, the fires are burning and hot milky drinks have been keeping my cockles toasty. The autumn was lovely wasn't it? I think the reason I haven't started bombarding you with rustic Christmas delights yet is because I'm not quite ready to let the autumn go - but my inner child is screaming at me to put up decorations and watch Christmas films. How lucky we are, to be warm and loved ... and have such things to look forward too.  So before we begin the countdown into cosy winter madness, here's a look back over November ...

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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Rag rugging for beginners - with Jenni Stuart-Anderson

I've wanted to make a rag rug ever since I learned that my great grandma used to make them, while sitting in front of her fire. Like many people she couldn't afford to buy rugs, so she would keep her toesies warm by making rag rugs - for the lounge, bedroom and bathroom ... and all she used was some sack cloth, and some old duvets. Rag rugging is such an easy, pleasurable craft and anyone can do it. It's a rough and ready craft that doesn't require too much concentration so we can still keep one eye on our beloved Downton Abbey! 

How to make a rag rug

At my recent visit to the Alexandra knitting and stitching show, I took a 'rag-rugging' workshop (which is also known as 'progging') with the rag-rugging Jedi MASTER - Jenni Stuart Anderson and she very kindly said I could share it with my lovely readers. So grab ya bodgers (oh-err missus) and lets get progging! 

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