Wednesday 29 November 2017

Armchair makeover - before & after

Hello all. Well you may have noticed that it has been a little quiet on the AHC front. To be honest it has been a hectic year for me and I've been struggling to commit to all the things I have balanced in the air, which is why crafting and blogging have taken a back seat lately. So please don't think I've lost heart in this little blog of mine - blogging and interacting with you is something I really enjoy doing. I just have to accept I can't do everything. So while I may not post as often as I'd like too, I will keep it ticking over as best I can ... starting with this armchair makeover!

Armchair makeover - before and after

You may remember me sharing a piccie of this chair a couple of years ago. Suffice to say it is no ordinary armchair. It once belonged to hubby's lovely grandparents, who are no longer with us sadly. When they passed away we were asked if we'd like something of theirs to remember them by - and straight away we thought of this chair. Granny often sat in this chair and everything about it reminds us of them and their cosy, welcoming home. 

However, once we got the chair home it was clear that it was in need of some TLC. Granny and Grandpa had this chair for years so understandably it was now getting a little worn and threadbare. 

After scouring shops and the internet I eventually found this lovely fabric called Finch Toile in Willow at Just Fabrics - who have an excellent selection of fabric, I really can't recommend them highly enough. It's such a pretty pattern & fresh shade of green ... I'm sure granny would have loved it. 

I'd love to say I re-upholstered the chair myself but this was a project for the professionals! Lucky for me one of the ladies from my craft group has an upholsterer for a husband and an excellent one he is too! I was completely blown away by his work (and he only took a couple of days to do this - can you imagine??!!) his attention to detail, the buttons, the stitching, the piping ... was all to an incredibly high standard.

Unfortunately I can't recommend him to you as he is now retired and only does one off pieces for friends and family. However if you are thinking about getting a precious chair re-covered, it really is worth doing. Upholstery is a dying art and giving old, much-loved, well-made pieces of furniture a new lease of life is far more rewarding than buying something cheap and new. I love sitting here in this chair now - it means so much to have something of granny and grandpa's, especially since it can eventually be passed down to the next generation.

JM x

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  1. You've done it proud Jodie! Lizzie xx

  2. That new fabric is lovely but so are your old floorboards in that last photo! And is that a real antique radio next to the chair (if it is a radio) or a replica? I love all this retro stuff.

    1. Hi Susan, no I wish it was antique but saying that i don't know how good the sound would be! It's a replica that plays records / CD's and takes a USB too. I'd love an old gramophone player! Next house perhaps ;-) x