Wednesday 20 September 2017

A tree house in the wilderness - Bee's Bower, Herefordshire

So remember I recently shared our glamping getaway in Mimi's tree yurt in Herefordshire? well after Mimi's Yurt we spent the second half of our glamping adventure in another incredible dwelling on the same site, which we also booked through The Cottage Co. But this place was like no other I'd ever experienced before - part tree-house, part-cabin, part canvas tent, Bee's Bower is an extraordinary place in every way. Perched at the top of corpse it stands alone, completely private overlooking the beautiful valley which surrounds it. The tranquil location and the incredible craftsmanship which has gone into this building really does make this a special place. Here is a glimpse into our getaway at Bee's Bower.  

Sleeps: 2
Where is it: Herefordshire
How much: From £289 for 2 nights
Pets: Up to 2 well behaved dogs welcome
Note: Suitable for babes-in-arms but not suitable for toddlers.
I also wouldn't recommend to those who have difficulty walking.

The arrival

After parking our car in the small car park at the top of the site, we filled our wheelbarrow and followed the sign down to Bee's Bower. The great thing about this site is that all the accommodations are completely separate from each other.

 This means it is a good 5 minute walk from the car to Bee's Bower, and the walk takes you through a beautiful meadow with spectacular views. It's downhill on the way there so it can be tiring on the way back up depending on your fitness levels - which is why I wouldn't recommend this place to those who have difficulty walking.

As you approach Bee's Bower through the meadow path you start to see the canvas roof emerge through the flowers. To the left of the house there is a lovely fire pit and BBQ area.

On arrival Ralphy took it upon himself to inspect the property and check everything was ship shape  before we entered :-)

Inside Bee's Bower

The inside of Bee's Bower is simply a work of art. Just like Mimi's yurt, owners Tim and Bryony were keen to create indoor / outdoor living that exists in harmony with nature, and craftsman Zane Dutton-Thompson saw the creation of Bee's Bower through from start to finish. At the centre of the house is a huge tree stump that supports the hand-carved spiral staircase that leads up to a beautiful bedroom (and if I'm ever lucky enough to build my own house, I'm going to shamelessly steal the tree-in-the-middle-of-the-house idea because it's just so lovely!) Two hand-stitched woven armchairs sit facing a cosy wood burner and the open-plan kitchen, and dining table for two is tucked away in the far left. 

My next favourite installation was the gorgeous beaten copper bath that sits in the corner. After a long day of walking it was the perfect spot for a soak whilst reading & sipping hot-choccy whilst looking out into the surrounding countryside.

Almost everything in Bee's Bower is handmade, including the bath taps which are fashioned from pipes and fixed to an incredible piece of driftwood which looks remarkable like Emu from 'The Pink Windmill' don't ya think? (for those that don't know that's a much lovely kids TV programme from the 80's.)

The large canvas door keeps the house snug and warm when it's chilly, but when when the sun is out you can roll it up and let the summer scent and breeze in. I absolutely loved sitting on this balcony with my morning coffee ... it's just a lovely spot where time seems to stand still. It's also a great spot for star gazing and scrabble re-matches too! And if that doesn't sound perfect enough the balcony also has a hammock ... which Ralphy and I took to napping in after our walkies.

A bedroom with a view

Up the spiral staircase you'll find the bedroom, and an impressive bedroom it is too. The bed is super comfy, with it's super soft bamboo linen. And just above the bed is a window that opens with a winch, and looks out onto the fire pit area. 

There are some lovely touches in the bedroom, like a basket of hot water bottles and the lovely handmade wardrobe and shelf. The balcony that looks over the lounge below is another beautifully designed piece of work, with beaten copper leaves dotted along the wood branches. It was deliberately designed to allow you to see the view of the valley opposite. This however is why this incredible house is not suitable for toddlers due to the lack of safety railings ... I also wouldn't recommend you allow your dogs upstairs. 

Kitchen & bathroom

The kitchen sits in the corner of the house, and with it's roll up canvas window, and stained glass window there is plenty of light. It is well equipped with everything you'll need. Like the rest of the house, every single piece of wood, piece of shelving, and every handle has been hand-carved. Many of the large beams are kept secure with thick ropes and wooden pegs, and many of the lights and lamps in the house are also handmade ....

The bathroom has a large shower cubicle with hot water, a lovely sink unit (with handcrafted taps) and a compost toilet. Compost toilets can take some getting used too, but these ones are absolutely fine. You do get the occasional fly hanging around but if you're a nature lover and you love the outdoors you'll take these things with a pinch of salt. Plus the owners are always on hand if you have any problems. However I will say, if you're looking for a super chic 5 star hotel experience this place is not for you. This is a rustic getaway adventure, and the price you pay for being so close to nature means you will come across creepy crawlies from time to time - as hubby discovered when he left the window open when settling down to read his book by the nightlight ... he's not too keen on moths either :-)

Out and about

There are plenty of walks on the doorstep and Offa's Dyke Path and the Brecon Beacons are just 2 miles away. There are also some lovely towns and villages nearby so you won't be stuck for things to do, and there are plenty of leaflets and recommendations in the house. I highly recommend a meal in The Carpenters Arms which is also in walking distance. The food is delicious the pub is incredible quirky and the locals are warm and friendly. We had such an incredible time at Bee's Bower and I was so sad to leave. Tim and Bryony are such a lovely couple and the haven they have created here is well worth a visit.

To visit the official website for Bee's Bower click here

JM x

This blog was in collaboration with The Cottage Company. All views and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning - didn't know getaway places like that exist! The canvas plonked on top of a wooden house is sort of weird. I love the painted basin and the little sort of port hole window (?) - that seems very Norwegian. I'm still in the process of turning my 1930s terrace into a country cottage type place (I knicked the paint colour you used in your room from one of your older posts, which is now in our hallway and lounge)and this post is giving me more ideas. The tree staircase in the middle of the room must be gobsmacking when you're actually in the place, but probably a bit on the dangerous side for families, as you rightly point out. We stayed in an airbnb house in Harlech, Wales in August - the view was stunning and right on the doorstep, just like your view was there - nobody wanted to go back to rubbishy, normal life.

    1. Yes that's the problem Susan, a regular house seems pretty boring are experiencing something like this! :-) Oh lovely to hear your transforming your own house ... I'm itching to move to our next place so I can put down some roots and create a little haven :-)