Thursday 8 December 2016

Festoon ceiling garland decoration + for Christmas or Weddings

If you fancy doing something a bit different with your Christmas decorations this year, here is a very pretty and affective way to add sparkly to your festive season. This string of ceiling decorations are so easy to make and you can easily adapt it to your own style. I had a lot of leftover baubles so I came up with this garland to make use of them. I like to keep mine simple with brown string, fairy lights and mis-matched baubles but you could easily keep them uniform or even add tinsel! 

You will need:

A length of brown string / twine / ribbon

Battery operated wire fairy lights in silver or copper

Selection of baubles 

1. Decide how long you'd like your ceiling garland and measure out your string accordingly, allowing a bit extra for the drape, create loops or a knot on either end for hanging.

2. Attach your bauble decorations at regular intervals using ribbon or string, or attach directly onto the string.

3. Now wind your wire fairy lights along the length of the string. TIP: You might find it easier if you hang it first. Attach using a staple gun or small nail, then tape the battery end somewhere discreet.


JM x

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