Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fairy light tree centrepiece for autumn, weddings, christmas or easter

My neighbour recently cut back one of the bushes in his garden ... so when I spied a stack of lovely long branches sat by his recycling bin a little lightbulb went off in my head! You only need a few elements for this project. I've adapted it for Autumn by adding pine cones to the base, and copper and gold skeleton leaves on the branches which look gorgeous sparkling in the glow of the fairy lights, but you could easily swap the pine cones for baubles and give the branches a spritz of spray snow for Christmas! then come easter perhaps hang some decorative eggs from the branches and add some straw in the base? Whatever takes your fancy this is a lovely affective centrepiece that takes no time at all.

Decorative branches & fairy light tree centrepiece (for autumn, weddings, christmas & easter)

You will need: 

4 branches
Glass vase
Selections of pine cones / conkers / baubles
String of battery operated fairy lights
Pack of gold and copper skeleton leaves 
Glue gun or all purpose glue

TIP: If you'd like to use real autumn leaves for this project gather a selection of small leaves and press them for a week or two, then glue away! 

skeleton leaves

1. Arrange your branches evenly in the vase. Then drop the battery end of the fairly lights into the vase and begin to weave the fairy lights from one branch to the other. When finished take out the battery casing and leave on the side for a moment.

2. Fill the base with cones / conkers (or with whatever you like) then place the battery case back in the vase. Pop some artificial flowers on the top to add a splash of colour (and hide the battery.)

3. Now one by one add the leaves, using the bigger ones nearer the bottom and gradually work your way up. Simply add a dot of glue to one end of the leaf, and hold it when you want it until set. TIP: For a natural realistic look apply them where you'd imagine seeing them growing on an actual branch. 

Decorative fairy lights and skeleton leaf tree

JM x

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