Friday 7 October 2016

A month in pictures - A cosy September

Oh September how lovely you are. So full of colour and cosy promise! As I mentioned in yesterdays post it has been pretty hectic here of late but amid the chaos there has been some lovely moments, some lovely walks and some lovely projects going on at AHC headquarters. I'm so looking forward to the coming months though - I love this season the most I think. The first highlight of September was lighting the first fire ... the lighting of the fire always marks the start of autumn for me and it means several things need to then happen - the logs need to be ordered (done) the wollies come down from the loft (which means several loads of washing but we'll brush over that) the garden needs to be put the bed (I haven't done that yet - and the grass is almost taller than Ralphy) and the winter curtains & blankets need to be aired and hung. But they're all lovely jobs I think (well ... except the wooly washing perhaps). Here's our month in pictures ...

Autumn is my probably my favourite time for walkies - it's just so beautiful isn't it? and it's not even in full autumnal swing yet! We met the cutest miniature horse one weekend (though actually it was probably just a baby horse right?) He was so friendly, even if he did try to eat my hand a little (ouch!). I've been looking out eagerly awaiting the first frost as I'm eager to start picking the sloes for our Sloe Gin! We filled our basket last year ... Ralphy's clearly not impressed because there's not much stick-throwing going on but needs must, we're all going to need the Sloe Gin in order to cope with Christmas! ;-)

Then some fellow crafty bloggers and I spent the most wonderful afternoon at the beautiful Laura Ashley Manor Hotel. Oh la la! We had a lovely time exploring, we had a delicious afternoon tea and an afternoon of crafting making these lovely Tote bags. If you'd like to make one yourself here is a step by step tutorial by design duo Russell and Bawden (this technique would work beautiful on a cushion don't you think?).

How to make an embellished tote bag

I was so chuffed with the embroidered fire screen I found this month in a charity shop for pennies #thriftyfinds! I also bought a slow cooker! OK s
o I haven't actually used it yet but I WILL and soon ... I'm on the lookout for a lovely slow cooker recipe cookbook so any ideas, ping them my way. Ralphy has been enjoying the cosy nights too ... he has his own winter blanket :-)

So that's our month in pictures. I hope you're all well and enjoying washing your woolies too!


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  1. What a lovely blog, so many interesting things to read and look at..Thank you. Woo xx