Friday 2 September 2016

A month in pictures - August

Hi Folks, well it's the end of August. Boo! Actually you I don't mean that, you know me well enough by now to know I love the autumn and the cosiness it brings, but I shan't be wishing away what's left of our summer just yet. I know August can feel like the end of summer for many .... kids are back to school, mums everywhere heave a sigh of relief, and the word 'Christmas' starts popping up in conversations but here in the UK September is such a beautiful month too, so I'm happy to stay in the moment for a little while longer. We've had a lovely August here at AHC. Ralphy and I had a birthday and although we haven't escaped for a holiday yet we've had some lovely days spent with our friends and family, and the good weather also meant I could tackle some bigger craft projects! Here's out month in pictures .... 

Ralphy turned 7 on on the 8th August. So to celebrate we went for a lovely walk, and he went to his favourite doggie shop where he got a new bowl, a new toy and some healthy doggie treats. It was just as well he had a nice day, because the following day he had an appointment to get two teeth removed!  He'd cracked a molar on both sides exposing the nerve (ouch!) we've no idea how he managed it, he's not a stone chewer, he's far to posh for that ... so he came waddling out the vets in drugged up state and slept solidly. Two days later he was bouncing around like nothing had happened! The vet also gave him a clean and polish while he was under so he's got sparkling pearly whites now :-)

Then on the 15th it was my birthday, and I turned 21 all over again! :-) it was a lovely day. I went for breakfast with my family then hubby took me rowing in Dedham, in Suffolk. It's such a beautiful winding river, the sun was shining and we took a picnic and dozed under a willow tree (while Ralphy went foraging for sticks.) It was perfect. It was also quite comical banging into other boats, and listening to other couples scream at each other because "YA NOT DOING IT RIGHT, LEFT, TURN LEFT ... YOU'RE GOING INTO THE BANK!!! TURN!!! TUUUURRRRRNNN!!!!' I got some fab pressies, included a new drill and sander!! What every girl wants right? and a friend bought me a craft book by one of my favourite makers, Dottie Angel.

I don't usually share many pics of hubby, but a friend took this photograph of us recently ... we are mid conversation, cruising down the river while on a barge day out. I just love it. 
I think I could live on a barge ....

Then talking of barges, the day after that picture was taken I spent a wonderful afternoon with Canal folk artist Duncan Burrett. In this interview he tells us all about boat-living with wife Zena, the history behind folk art and demonstrates how to paint in the folk-art style. He was such an interesting man, and his boat was so lovely and cosy!

This month I also stumbled upon a quirky little website called, which sells a variety of eco-friendly handmade gifts and crafts, made by craftsmen (and women) from all over the Ukraine.

Then I snapped up a bargain last week when I found this candle lantern in Sue Ryder! I was so chuffed, as my lovely sister in law and her husband came to stay for the weekend, so out popped my Podies pop up restaurant. He sat around the fire pit supping G&T's until the early hours and spooked ourself talking about ghosts! 

I hope you've all had a lovely August. 

JM x

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  1. With you on the living on a barge dream. We had a family holiday to Rhossili Bay, Wales in August - me and the husband want to go and live there. Absolutely stunning place.

    1. Aw that sounds lovely! I'd uproot and move there in a heartbeat. We're hoping to escape to North Wales ourselves in November ... won't be as warm mind but will be lovely seeing autumn in all it's glory there. Wellies ahoy :-)

    2. yes you'll need wellies :) it rained almost the entire week in Rhossili and that was mid-August! But I always think constant rain is the price we pay for living in such a green and pleasant land :)

    3. Agreed! no such this as bad weather, just bad clothing choice ;-)

  2. Just found your blog again, looks just wonderful. Woo xx

    1. Thanks Patricia! so glad you like it, welcome aboard! :-) xx