Friday 29 July 2016

A month in pictures - A hot, hot, hot July

Happy July you lovely lot! 

Well, what a July it has been. After moaning about the the weather in last months post it appears the weather-fairies heard me, because the UK has been blazing hot this month! who knew old blighty was still capable of having more than just a few days of summery weather? the girlies have been donning their hats and flip flops, and the men have been sporting their sunburned heads and naked beer bellies (always a treat of course :-)) and over at AHC HQ we've been up to all sorts, though mostly furniture makeovers. Here's our month in pictures ...

I've been harvesting and drying lavender this month and the garden is in full bloom. The Hydrangeas are happy and flourishing, and my Jasmine and Honeysuckle smell amazing! As the weather's been so good I hosted a dinner party in the garden last week, it was so lovely ... with festoon lights hanging from the trees, and wine and cheese by candlelight. 

I gave you a little peak at my latest makeover project this week too - my welsh dresser is being transformed from a sultry dark mahogany to a ... well you'll have to wait and find out! I also found a lovely old wooden dryer in a charity shop this week, and some of you gave me some great suggestions for it; from drying flowers to hanging ribbons / fabrics etc ...

I've been working on this cross-stitch piece this month .. this was started by a lovely elderly lady I had the pleasure of meeting, but she was unable to finish it so she passed it on to me, along with some other craft projects. Her name is Margaret, so whatever this piece turns into, it shall be named after her ... it's lovely isn't it? pieces like this look so intricate but they're incredible easy to do as it's all colour coded.

I shared another one of my choice picks for a cottage holiday getaway last week. Water Cottage is a beautiful 15th Century dog-friendly holiday cottage in Kersey; Suffolk's prettiest little chocolate box village. I found Water Cottage on, and it was a gorgeous getaway. This was my review of this little gem ...

Water Cottage in Kersey - Suffolks prettiest village

and finally, here is Ralphy giving me his sweetest of faces in return for a little bit of toast. He's got to have a tooth out next week ... he's cracked it and we have no idea how. "Does he chew stones" the vet asked? "Of course I don't! I only eat the finest of kibble!" Ralphy replied. I haven't told him he's going to the doggie dentist yet. It's his birthday the week after as well! poor little birthday boy. 

I hope you're all well. Have a lovely August all,

JM & R 

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