Monday 4 May 2015

April - my month in pictures

Dear friends, well April has been and gone quite suddenly! Can you believe it? you may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't been posting as frequently as I once did. Unfortunately I've have to pull back a little ... I've been having a hard time juggling life, work, craft and music. But do not fear, you can't get rid of me that easily. I'll still be posting regularly and I'll see you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily. That said, Hubby, Ralphy and I are heading into the countryside this week, for TEN WHOLE DAYS! I cannot wait - I almost don't want it to start so then it can't end! They'll be walkies in the wilderness, knitting, reading, eating and NO PHONES / INTERNET! .... heaven. So this is a brief goodbye, and when I return I'll have some crafty corkers coming up, including a mega makeover of 'Beatrix' ... remember her? In the meantime here's a little lookie back over this past month ...

The 'Beatrix' makeover is on it's way ....

The month began with hubby's birthday (one of my favourite fings) ... we headed to Covent Garden to treat ourselves to a night on the tiles. I stumbled into the Apple antiques market wide-eyed but since it wasn't my birthday I was on very good behaviour! I also inherited this wonderful floral armchair ... it belonged to my grandparents-in-law, who sadly are no longer with us. Which only makes me love this chair even more, I think of them often when sat in it.

I also spent a lot of time in the garden this month, clearing, sowing, and planting. It inspired me to write The AHC guide to growing herbs -which includes a pretty downloadable herb chart for your garden shed wall!

Having spent so much time it the garden it got me pondering and I wrote The joy of pottering in the garden.' I've loved planting every since I was a little girl. When my hands are in the dirt, digging, sowing, clearing, it's one of the few times that my mind in completely quiet, and at peace ... 

 Ralphy has enjoyed some wonderful walks this month - he's such a lucky pooch. While hubby was away he snuck up to bed with me and slept with his head on hubby's pillow :-) Buster the dog also came to visit, and after playing tug of war with a tea-towel the two dogs settled down to watch 'Poldark' (Ooh isn't he gorgeous? *Ahem* not as gorgeous as hubby, obviously.) 

As I've been plating and sowing recently, I thought I'd share some tips on Growing your own in a small garden, as it can be quite tricky for some. Miggins gave me a good planting tip recently: I planted my broad bean seeds 3 weeks ago and had seen no sign of sprouting, so she said "give em' a good soak in water for a day or two before planting, and it will really help to start them off girl" ... and it worked a treat!

 ... and that's been my April. Now I'm off. When you read this I will be in the car heading into the lovely rugged arms of Shropshire with hubby and Ralphy in tow. (I haven't told Ralphy he's going on holiday yet - he gets over excited). I shall miss your comments, tweets and chattering's while I'm away but I look forward to catching up with you you all on my return. Take care all and don't forget to look up and enjoy the sun on your face when you can.

JM x

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  1. Lovely blog posts last month! Is it really May already?! I love all the pretty Spring colors coming out now! Music? Do you sing, too? Goodness, you DO have talent, girl! Love following all the sweet things you (and Ralphy!) do! xo

  2. Watching Poldark when hubby's away is one of my favorite fings too! Enjoy the countryside!