Friday 5 September 2014

My little red shoes

I love my little red shoes. The belonged to my 2 year old self. I keep these shoes on my dresser, to remind me of who I once was - a spirited little girl, running through puddles with an eye for adventure and imagination to boot.  I try hard to retain those qualities now - the ability to daydream, to see wonder in things, to appreciate simple things ... of course it doesn't always come easy, as life, news, work, chores, health and worry can dampen a spirit in a heartbeat ... so I keep these little shoes nearby, because in times of trouble they always remind me to try.

JM x

My little red shoes

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  1. What a lovely sentiment Jodie, and how wonderful they your parents kept these for you to treasure. I have kept Sadie's first pair of little pink shoes. I find it hard to part with any of her small things, as she is my last baby. One thing you may have noticed by my blog title aka Ruby Slippers is I have an obsession with red shoes, I just love Dorothy, she was my idol when I was a little girl I wanted a pair of Ruby slippers so badly, as they symbolised freedom,magic and dreams coming true! I never got the shoes but learnt the meaning. Guess what little girl is receiving a pair this Christmas? ;) Whoops I said that word again! Have a good weekend Jodie :) x

    1. Ah that's lovely Jenny ... I never saw it like that before (the ruby slippers), but that's very true! I think it's time we bought ourselves some grown up red shoes! :-) Have a lovely weekend yourself Jenny xx