Friday 23 May 2014

My thrifty finds!

It has been a while since I shared some of my thrifty finds with you so here's what I've managed to sneak past hubby in the last month or so (having said that it's often his own fault cos he points out pretty things for me!) I've also been trying to have a clean out - our little cottage is getting too small for us three so we need to either move house / do a charity run / car boot / get my eBay on / OR start a shop!?  I always spend more than I make at car boots  ... though it's always worth it for the banter alone ... "How much for the table love?" 
"Fiver love"
"Take 50p?"

I bought this milking stool from a market in 
london and had to carry it all the way home (two hour journey) What we do for love ey?
Such a lovely, natural old piece of furniture .... I shan't be milking cows mind,
but perfect side table for tea for one!

Lovely old antique table placemats ... £1.50 for 6! Some are stained but they can still be used in crafty stuff! 

I love these ...  £15 from charity shop. I shared them on facebook the other week ...
we were trying to guess what they might have been used for back in their day.
Pickles and jams we think. They now live in my crafty area (?)
and are my button keepers!

The bottom picnic basket was a recent purchase ...  it's a bit banged up but the ole girl 
(not you Miggins) still has plenty of mileage in her yet. I find baskets are always SO handy. 
These are storing tablecloths and linen. 
The top one belongs to my mum, she used to keep her old love letters from mum dad in it. Aw : ) 

Curtains! a pair. They're crying out to be used in a little VW camper van ... 
how I'd love one - should anyone want to give me one, or lend me one, 
I'd be fine with that, and so would my curtains :-)

Lastly, what the jeepers is this?? anyone??! is a very pretty little thing, 
and I thought it probably has a very good function, 
I just don't know what it is yet. Anyone??

 Have a lovely thrifty weekend my lovelies!

JM x

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  1. Inspirational!

  2. Hi Jody. I will talk to my mum about the last picture. My nan had one. If I remember rightly its to serve bread rolls x Loraine