Tuesday 6 August 2013

How to make a teacup candle

How to make a teacup candle - Photograph by Binky Nixon

What girly doesn't love a teacup candle. They are feminine, decorative AND they serve a function! (this is what you point out to loved one when you get told off for buying more toot.) They also make a perfect gift.  When hubby and I were married we made all of our decor by hand. There was a LOT of decor and it took 8 hours to decorate a beautiful Tudor barn. But that's another story ...

One of the things I made were 50 Teacup candles as favours for the womenfolk. It was my first time at making them, and I wanted to give them something they could keep and enjoy, and in years to come remember us when they're sipping tea from their pretty cup : )  It may sound like a huge undertaking but it really was much easier and far cheaper than you think. It was also fun, easy and hugely satisfying. Buying a ready made teacup candle can set you back £12 a cup, but to make it is pennies. So why not start collecting, and make some up ready for xmas!!?? your girlies will love you for it ... (and feel free to send one to me for giving you the idea : )

How to make a teacup candle - Photograph by Binky Nixon

What you need 

* Teacup and saucer (obviously)
wooden skewers from any supermarket 
* Candle wicks PRE waxed with metal sustainers 
(You'll find these on ebay - pre waxed  means less work for you)
Ecosoya wax flakes (also on ebay - soyawax burns nice and slow, and it doesn't blacken)
Double-boiler (or one saucepan on top of another)
* Essential oil (optional) 


Make a cup of tea, and drink. With optional slice of cake. Now we can begin...

2. Cut skewers a bit longer than the width of your cup and sellotape two skewers together at either end. (see pic A) Not too tight as you're going to squeeze the wick through it in a minute.

4. Fiddly bit Feed the wick through the skewers (pic B) and pop them in the cup making sure the wicks are straight and touching the bottom of the cup (can be tricky so be patient ... if it's not straight it won't burn well)


5. Preparing your wax
Measure out enough wax to fill your cup. Fill your teacup with water and measure the amount. Say it's 150 ml (5 fl oz), you will need the corresponding amount of wax, so 150 g (5 oz).

6. Melting your wax
Now quarter fill a large saucepan with cold water. Place the wax into the smaller pan, and then place it inside the large pan (resting on a trivet if necessary) Bring the water to the boil gently, and simmer on a low heat until the wax melts. If only making 1 candle you could place a ceramic bowl inside a saucepan.

7. Scent and Fragrance
 When wax has completely melted (and cooled slightly) you could add some shavings of dye if you'd prefer a coloured candle ... or add 5 to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil, mix with a metal whisk.

8. Fun bit!
Pour it into an old plastic jug and start pouring into teacups SLOWLY wiping any splash from the sides. Check all wicks are still straight. As it starts to dry you may see a 'well' form around the wick, if this happens top up with more hot wax.

9. Ta da! 
Once the candle has cooled completely, untie the wick from the skewer and trim. Wait at least a day to burn. If giving as presents keep the top covered to avoid getting fluff / dust on the wax.

How to make a teacup candle - Photograph by Binky Nixon

JM x

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  1. So clever! And they look so pretty. We'll all be fighting over any nice tea cups and saucers in the charity shops now! :)

  2. Love it! Congratulations on a gorgeous post with gorgeous piccies! Clever you x x x

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  4. This is so romantic. Never get bored to read your blog! Really inspiring ♥

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