Friday, 2 June 2017

A month in pictures - April & May

Hello dear readers. I hope this find you well and enjoying the early throws of summer. The weather has been beautiful here in Blighty - which makes for a pleasant change! I never had a chance to get my month in pictures together for April so I've squished it together with this month's May offering. I admit craft has taken a bit of back seat recently as I've been so busy working and recording my next album (eeeeee!!!!) which is almost finished. There's still so much to do ... photoshoots, making videos etc but it's all exciting stuff and I'm so pleased with how it's sounding. Anyhoo, here's our month(s) in pictures ...

 I love Macrame, AKA rustic-looking plant hangers, so I tried my hand at making some. They're very easy to make, and make sweet gifts to like-minded folk. It's also a nice craft to do with the kiddies. I've added a few wooden beads to mine ... but feel free to go sparkly (or bead-less) too. How to make a macrame pot holder

We headed up to Nottingham for Easter weekend for some family time with our lovely in-laws. I also got crafty with this old drawer set ... all the knobs had fallen off but I had some label drawer pulls left over from the DIY storage organiser / teabag caddy I made so I put them to good use! It took 5 minutes to screw them on and has given this piece a new lease of life.

Walks have been a-plenty and we've really enjoyed the ever changing scenery on our spring walks.  The elderflowers are out now so I shall be getting busy making my elderflower cordial this weekend! I can't wait, it's so delicious and far nicer than shop-bought. You only need a few ingredients (lemons / sugar / flowers) and it takes no time at all. You know what a disaster I am in the kitchen so if this is easy for me then you'll be absolutely fine :-) How to make elderflower cordial.

You may remember I posted a tutorial last year on how to create a faded 'distressed' floral table top using napkins and decoupage. Well I also made a video for it as well that went up this month! It's a lovely project, and I'm keen to try this technique on some other pieces. Keep your eyes peeled for a Ralphy appearance towards the end :-)

Ah ROMA!! We went to Rome in April and it was absolutely beautiful, we had such a great time, I really can't recommend it enough. The food was amazing, the locals are funny and warm, it is so rich in culture and the scenery was just incredible. Here's a peek into our romance with Rome.

It was our anniversary on the 14th May, so I shared the Wedding sampler I made with you. I made this (and some other cross-stitch pieces) in the lead up to our wedding day, which were then on display on the actual day. This was my first ever attempt at cross stitch and I've been hooked on it ever since.  Our wedding cross stitch sampler

On May bank holiday weekend, while hubby was off on tour (he's a musician too) I had resigned myself to clearing the loft :-( it was a super hot weekend and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, so when my folks said "why don't you leave that, grab Ralphy and come for a weekend away on our little boat with us?" Well I had my bags packed before they finished their sentence - as did Ralphy. 

It was a lovely weekend - the sea air, walks on the beach and just having quality time with my folks. We barbecued mackerel on the back of the boat and I also taught my folks how to play black jack :-) Ralphy and Buster also had a lovely time together too, but after a few days at sea it was nice to get back to our own beds.

JM x

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  1. I've been wondering how your album was coming along, since you first mentioned it on your blog ages ago, so glad to see you mention it in this post and that it's nearly finished. Looking forward to hearing it. Have you written the songs yourself and is your husband playing on the album

    1. Hi Susan! Yes it's really coming along now ... still quite a bit to do but one step at a time :-) Yes I write all the songs and yes he's also playing on it ... we're actually dueting on this album too! I can't wait to share it with you all. I hope all is well in your world x