Thursday 13 April 2017

How to make a macrame pot holder (with beads)

I love my houseplants but as I've run out of surface area, I've been looking for other ways to display them. So while flicking through this months Landlove Magazine (which is the only magazine I subscribe too as it's full of nature, craft, and lovely things) I was inspired by their recent piece on terracotta pots and it gave me an idea for the perfect solution! I love rustic-looking plant hangers, which is also known as Macrame so I tried my hand at making some. They're SO easy and quick (10 mins!) to make. I've added a few beads to mine ... wooden beads look lovely against rustic string but feel free to go sparkly (or bead-less) if you so wish.

You will need

A plant
Tape measure
Beads (optional)

Step 1

Cut 5 long lengths of string - each measuring 5 feet (60 inches). If you're making for a bigger pot measure 6 feet (72 inches).

Step 2

Line up your 5 pieces together and find the middle point by folding them in half. Once found make a loop and tie a knot. It's then much easier because you can hook your loop to something while you knot. So now you will have 10 lengths of string.

Step 3

Divide the 10 lengths of string into 5 groups of 2.

Step 4

Measure 10 inches along on each piece and tie a knot. If you're using beads, thread the bead on before you tie the knot. (In case you're wondering I didn't put beads on every knot because I only had 9.)

Step 5

Then, leaving the first piece of string to one side (see pic) take the second piece and tie it to the next piece along. Leaving a 3 inch gap from the knot above. Then repeat until you reach the other side. This should leave one remaining piece of string on the far right side too. 

Step 6

Now pick up the 2 remaining outside pieces of string and join them in the same way - this will complete the circle!

Step 7

Now repeat the same process on the next row. You can actually repeat this for as many rows as you like but as mine is only a small pot so two will suffice. When you get to the end of the row, again, join the two outside pieces to form the circle. 

Step 8

And finally, when you've finished your rows gather all the pieces together (as you would a ponytail) and leaving 3 inches from the last row of knots, tie one final knot to bind them all together. 

Tada! Now carefully place your pot inside.

JM x

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  1. My husband and I made these over the weekend. Thank you very much for the know how. :)

    1. Ah that's great to hear! you're so welcome :-)