Thursday 10 March 2016

Decoupaged easter egg tree decorations

Decoupage easter egg tree decorations

With easter almost upon us I wanted to make some pretty decoupaged eggs to decorate a branch with for easter weekend. So my craft group and I had a fun-filled day of making. I used real duck eggs for this project and we found they worked much better that plastic ones but you could use whatever you prefer. This is a lovely little project and it took me just two hours to decorate six eggs. It would also be an ideal project for kiddies too - just be prepared to make a lot of egg-based dishes afterwards :-)

Decorated easter egg tree decorations

You will need

6 white duck eggs
 Though you could really use any egg, real or plastic

Some pretty napkins or very fine decoupage paper 
The finer the better, if it's too thick it won't fit smoothly around the egg.

A long wool needle
This is essential as you need to be able to thread the string through the egg. The needle needs to be slightly longer than the egg and the eye needs to be big enough to thread string or ribbon through.

6 buttons
Note the holes on the button need to be big enough to thread your string or ribbon.

Brown string or thin ribbon

PVA blue

Branch (optional) 

Decorated decoupaged easter duck egg decoration

Step 1 - Empty the egg

Pierce the top of the egg with a needle, in fact make a few holes as close together as possible. I was expecting to break quite a few but they are surprisingly tough and I didn't have one casualty! You may need to push quite hard (a thimble or your nail might be handy.) When you have a few little holes make them bigger by gently pushing / turning a screw into it. Do this at both ends. When you have a hole both ends empty the egg out, by simply blowing in one end over a bowl, allowing the egg to trickle out the other. You might need to blow hard and make sure the yoke is burst to make it easier. Once empty give it a good rinse and blow the access water out.

How to empty an egg for decorating

Step 2 - Thread the egg

Thread a long piece of string or ribbon through the egg from top to bottom. Then thread the top piece of string through the buttonholes to create your loop! Once threaded pop it back through the egg and out through the bottom where you can tie a knot - and snip any long strands off.

How to decoupage an egg

Step 3 - Decoupaging the egg

One of the craft ladies brought these pretty napkins and they worked perfectly! I simple cut around little bits of the design (see the pic top left? I cut that into a few bite-sized chunks as it's easier than sticking a large piece on.) Once cut out remove any access layers of tissue and just use the top piece. Then simply glue it on, and give the whole egg one final coat and hang it to dry.

Decoupage easter egg tree decorations

And that's it! Happy easter folks.
JM x

Decoupage egg decorations

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  1. So pretty, Jodie! I've always wanted o try this project but afraid of smashing the shells while I'm working with it. Did you have trouble? I love the look!

    1. Not at all karen! I bought 12 as I expected to break a few but there are really strong ... I didn't break one! :-)

  2. I've saved some pretty napkins and tissue paper for a project like this. Is there a reason you used duck eggs? Just larger than normal chicken eggs or are they "tougher?" I love how you did the tiny buttons on both ends. Very cute! (Unrelated you call yourself Jodie May or just Jodie? I must address you properly!)

    1. Jodie is fine Karen :-) May is my middle name but I really don't mind either. I used duck eggs just because they're slightly larger and white ... I tried a smaller chicken egg and it was actually tougher to pierce but either would work fine I'm sure. The button is cute isn't it?! I only used one on the top and a knot on the bottom. Good luck! would love to see a piccie of your finished article ;-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Can't believe how simple but so effective this is. Paper napkins + duck eggs and you've got what looks like a hand painted work of art on porcelain! I'd take these over those priceless jewelled faberge eggs any day :)

    1. Ah glad you like them Susan! They are so simple but so effective aren't they?! would look cute on the xmas three too I think :-)