Wednesday 30 March 2016

A month in pictures - March

Hi all, and happy Easter! I hope this finds you all safe and well after a choccie-fuelled family weekend! We've just returned from a lovely weekend with the in-laws. I made decoupaged eggs with my little niece and nephew - and they did enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as my hubby and his mum did! It's been a busy month here but there so much I've been wanting to share with you .. I still haven't gotten around to showing you my new craft room! but I shall, once it's tidy and once hubby stops using my new craft table as his 'floordrobe' (floordrobe is hubby's new word for the pile of clothes he leaves in one corner of the bedroom, he thinks that giving it a name, legitimises it's  existence - his inventiveness did make me laugh ... until 'floordrobe' reared it's messy head on my craft table!) Anyway, here's our month in pictures ... 

March began with a long weekend in Barcelona! It's such a beautiful city and we stayed in a wonderfully quirky boutique hotel, that was actually much cheaper than most chain hotels, and so much nicer. I won't tell you to much though as I'll be featuring it on 'A Handmade Holiday' soon. 

I made some lovely little decoupage eggs for easter, and I was so happy with how they turned out ... this method would be ideal for making xmas tree decorations too! This took me just two hours to decorate six eggs, and I didn't break one!

How to make - Pretty Decoupaged Eggs

Spring is in the air isn't it?? I keep looking out at the jumbled mess that is my garden ... I'm not quite ready to tackle it just yet, this weekend perhaps? (weather permitting). However I've enjoyed making the house feel 'springy' ... I'm aware that's not a real word, but I like it nonetheless :-)

My niece turned sweet sixteen this month so I wanted to make her something special, so I dug out my lovely Noolibird stamp and made her a wall hanging to mark the occasion. She loved it. Once I stamped the fabric, sewing on the beads only took one hour to do (whilst watching 'The night manager' ... isn't it gripping? I think he'll be the new Bond ... hubby's not so sure.)

Embellished Noolibird stamp tutorial 

I had to show you this - it's just so cute. One of my craft ladies knitted this lovely 'cottage tea cosy' for me ... there's even smoke coming out the chimney!

This month my good friend Poppy from Poppyloves invited me to guest on her blog again! You might remember I featured on Poppy's blog before when I showed her how to make an easy peasy cushion cover. Well this time I'm demonstrating how to make easy peasy string bunting! This is a fab little project, and you can use this template to make bunting for any occasion - it's very easy and it's very quick. Just how we like it!

How to make easy peasy string bunting.

Lastly Ralphy wouldn't let me sign off without saying hello, he wanted to show you his 'beg' and insisted I take a photo. He's such a clever pup ;-)

Have a lovely month all!

JM x

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  1. aaaaah that teapot cover !!! Is so so cute especially love the 'smoke' :) and your pooch Ralphy is extremely sweet ! I'm so happy I found your blog it's so homey and happy!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    1. Ah thanks Betty! that's always lovely to hear. The teapot cosy is so cute isn't it? Glad you found the blog, happy to have you aboard ;-)

  2. Another fun, creative month you'very brought to us, Jodie! I always love stopping by for a bit of lovely, homey inspiration! And always nice to see what Ralphy is up to! ♡