Wednesday 30 September 2015

A month in pictures - September

I don't you about you dear readers but I really don't know where the days are going. I've been so busy of late ... working, making music, crafting and now autumn is upon us so I've been trying to 'winterfy' our draughty little cottage. I miss blogging regularly and I haven't been snapping as much as I'd like, but alas we can only do what we can do can't we? I'm also a singer songwriter you see ... and I'm about to record an album which is very exciting for me, so much of my creative energy is going into that at the moment. I'll share more about that in a separate post one day soon if you'd like? but for now here's what I've been up to this month ...

This month I made a simple, lined curtain with pretty ribbon ties along the top - so there's no fiddly business with pelmets and pleats and such! This project was featured on the Laura Ashley blog. I've made little kitchen curtains before, but this was my first big 'grown up' curtain project. Is an ideal project if you're looking to make some curtains to keep Jack frost out! 

How to make ribbon-tie lined curtains.

Buster (who belongs to my mummykins) came to visit this month, so he and Ralphy got up to all sorts of mischief. Like most dogs, Ralphy can be quite Territorial when it comes to other dogs entering his house, but he treats Buster like a little brother now. Buster follows Ralphy everywhere ... if Ralphy has a drink, so does Buster. If Ralphy stretches, so does Buster. It's very cute. Ralphy pretends to ignore him most of time but if another dog makes a bee line for Buster Ralphy will chase him off in a heartbeat.  Buster's always trying to play and knows exactly what to do to get up Ralphy's nose which always has us giggling, and usually results in the pair of them running around in circles after each other ... much like a 'carry on doggies' film!

It's been lovely seeing autumn make her way through nature ... leaves are starting to fall, the rose hips and sloe berries are almost ripe for picking and little villages of mushrooms are sprouting up all over the place ...  I love it!  I had our chimney swept today and the logs are on their way. Have you got your winter duvets on yet? we have ...  though I haven't got as far as getting my woolies down yet though ... small steps!

This month I was invited to enter a competition to transform a plain birdhouse, so I chose to turn it into a 'country cottage.' (FYI I didn't win ... I never win anything. I don't usually enter competitions and I still remember the bitter disappointment at never winning 'weetabix' competitions as a kid)  ... but I could resist this challenge. This is an ideal weekend project, and while it may look incredibly intricate, it really isn't. Aside from the supplies, all you need is glue and a bit of patience ... would make a lovely Christmas gift don't you think?!

How to make a county cottage birdhouse

So that's all for now folks. I'll be picking my Hydrangea's to dry out this week as I have another autumn craft project up my sleeve so get picking if you fancy decorating the wall with some floral loveliness. I hope you're all well and looking forward to autumn (or 'fall' as many of my lovely readers would call it!) Stay warm, enjoy your cocoa and wish me luck - hubby has just declared he has 'man flu!'

JM x

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  1. Love all the Pictures....especially the beautiful curtains you made and Ralphy and his friend and the cute little mushrooms!!!! :)