Wednesday 12 August 2015

DIY storage box or craft organiser

When I was visiting my crafty friend Penny Perret a while back, I spotted a pretty tea caddy on her worktop which she had made herself. I fell in love with her little tea caddy and decided I wanted to make one for myself - as not only would it look dandy on my kitchen top, but it would free up some much needed cupboard space and keep my endless supply of teabags nicely organised! The great thing about using these metal label holders is you can swap and change the labels easily so you could use this little organiser for anything; hair pins, beauty bits, crafty goodies or herbs and spices!

 I simply dug out an old box I wasn't using, ordered some little brass labels from eBay, and I bought a sample pot of paint from Laura Ashley (since I've used it before and like the finish) and off I went! This project took me a couple of hours in total (minus drying time) and cost under £10 to make. Would make a fab pressie don't ya think?

You will need:

A wooden box with drawers

Metal label holders with Antique finish - I found these on Ebay

Paint - This took one sample pot of Laura Ashley's furniture paint in Pale Eau De Lil.

Step one:

Paint your box in a well ventilated area. I gave mine two coats. (Note: If you're using this for food items I'd suggest you don't paint the inside, you don't want fumey tea!)

Step 2:

Once dry, decide where you want to place your metal holders. Once they're all aligned mark the screw holes with a pencil - this will ensure they don't end up wonky. Then when you're happy, screw them all in place.

Step 3:

The labels! I found some old brown paper and wrote my labels with a calligraphy pen. But you could just as easily print some out, or cut out the names out from your existing tea cartons?


Now pop in your tea bags, sit back and enjoy a nice brew :-) 

JM x

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  1. This is such a cute project, Jodie! I love thst Laura Ashley color. My sis-in-law and I made a similar one that I use for my tea things, too, but I don't have the cute metal label holders. Love thst idea! You're so brilliant!

    1. Ah bless you Karen :-) I'm so glad you like it!