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How to make: Fabric and lace edged guest towels

How to make: Fabric and lace edged guest towels

This a lovely, super duper easy project for both beginners and experienced crafters. Fabric and lace-edged guest towels make gorgeous gifts for all occasions; birthdays, christmas and especially weddings! If you can sew in a straight line on a sewing machine, then you can do this. I churned out 8 towels in one afternoon, all of which are going to be christmas gifts for loved ones.

All you will need is ...

Good quality, plain white hand towels
Sewing machine or needle n' thread.
Some fabric
Fabric pen

How to make: Fabric and lace edged guest towels

Step 1

We want end up with an even strip from our fabric, which we will sew onto the towel. So to do this, lay your fabric out. Ensure you have an straight edge to begin with, then measure 4 inches from the edge (see pic A) and mark with a dot. Do this at either end, and in the middle - this always ensure its even all the way along. Fold over, press with iron and cut.


Step 2

Next measure the width of the towel, add an inch to either end (for the overhand, see pic below) and mark this measurement out onto your fabric, then fold along that line, press and cut ... so you end up with a strip (see pic b.)

Step 3

Now we want to fold over about 1.5cm on each edge of the strip and iron flat.

Step 4 

Now we have our tidy strip. You could sew this on as it is, or add some ribbon. If you'd like to add ribbon, make sure it measures the width of the towel plus an inch each end (for overhang), lay the ribbon onto the fabric and pin in place, ensuring each end is folded neatly under at each end. Then pin the strip to the towel ...

How to make: Fabric and lace edged guest towels

Step 5

Then using the machine, sew each edge in place. You can sew by hand, but you'll have a much nicer, cleaner finish on a machine.  Start by sewing the ribbon in place, then move onto the edges.  You can either leave a little 0.5cm gap from each edge or sew quite close to the edge. I'd suggest a practice run first on an old bit of cloth.

How to make: Fabric and lace edged guest towels

Step 6

TADA! So go have a sneak peek at your loved ones colour schemes and make them some lovely towels to match. Bind with a ribbon and add a pretty stamp. The stamp in the pic below is from Noolibird. Isn't it pretty?!

How to make: Spring-inspired guest towels

JM x

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  1. Love, love this so much! If I sent your post to my mum (seamstress extraordinaire), I wonder if she'd get the hint?!

  2. These are darling! I have just found you today...watched all your videos, made an adorable bunting (posted on fb:) and am ecstatic that after just purchasing a new sewing machine, I can create these sweet crafts you are
    sharing! You are just too too cute...and Ralphie! Oh my goodness! xoxo

    1. Ah that's so lovely to hear Christie! bless you! and I love your bunting, so pleased my videos helped :-) x

  3. I am Your big fan and love Your videos and posts very much.
    It is absolutely stunning how You create all Your things.
    I wish You infinite creativity and all the best!
    Greetings from Estonia, a little republic in Northern Europe!

    1. Oh bless you Ave, thank you very much. That's so lovely to hear xx PS. 'Ave' is also one of my favourite names ... it's so pretty x